Top 10 Things You Can Do To Avoid Toxins in the Air

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  1. Get the reports from the Environmental Protection Agency for your area

The first step in avoiding toxins should be becoming aware of what is going on with the quality of air in your area. To do so, you can visit the website of Environmental Protection agency and type in your zip code. You will get a map of your area and a report about the quality of the air that you are breathing.

  1. Be aware of what is happening in your area

While industrial and commercial processes are not 100% responsible for the toxins in the air, they do play a large role in polluting the environment. Learn about industrial operations that you have in your area to know what toxins you should be paying special attention to.

  1. Pay attention to the quality of air around you when you are spending time outside

Your local weather report will have air quality measurements. Pay attention to them when you spend time outside. Avoid being outdoors near major highways, plants, and factories.

  1. Check how close your new home is to pollution producers when moving

While you can’t do anything about the location of your current home, knowing where major pollutants are when moving is something you should definitely do. Your health will be thankful if you do not move close to the known sources of airborne toxins.

  1. Pay attention to the household cleaning products that you use

One of the easiest things you can actually do about the quality of air in your home is go over the cleaning supplies you use. Get rid of everything that says “danger,“ or “poison.” There’s a reason why these words are included on packaging.

  1. Pay attention to your carpet

Carpets accumulate not only dust and dirt but also toxins. If you need to have carpets, clean them often with a vacuum. When buying a vacuum, choose a model that does not let the dust get back into the air.

  1. Change the filters frequently

Filters in your ducts and air conditioners are there to collect particles and toxins. Make sure that you replace these filters on a regular basis. Check the recommendations from the manufacturers and follow them strictly. You can also hire professionals to clean your ducts. This is definitely something worth considering if you live in an older house.

  1. Use a quality HEPA air filter

HEPA is an abbreviation for high-efficiency particulate air. HEPA filters do an excellent job when it comes to removing toxins from the inside of your home. There are plenty of different kinds of models available on the market.

  1. Use natural cleaning products

Today there are a lot of clean, green, healthy alternatives you can use instead of highly toxic cleaners. Your local natural foods store will probably have a section with natural cleaners, too. Go there and explore if you have not been paying attention to natural cleaning supplies before.

  1. Pay attention to chlorine

Chlorine is one of the most widely spread toxins in many homes across the United States. If you need to use bleach cleaners, do so sparingly. If you can smell chlorine, your exposure to it is probably surpassing acceptable levels already.