Top 10 Tequilas to Get Your Weekend Started

When the work days are over, it’s good to celebrate with your friends and with some quality tequila. There’s a great variety of top quality tequila products you can buy and also it can be a fun challenge to try different tequilas to see which one is your favorite.

Now, we would like to introduce you to the top ten tequila brands that can get the party started.

 For the people who are new to tequila, we would recommend tequila brands like Jose Cuervo and Calle 23. These top-quality tequilas are the best introduction to tequila that sets the standard and lets you feel how the quality tequila tastes like. 

Once you get to know how the top-notch tequila tastes like, you will know how to appreciate the outstanding taste of tequilas like Patron, Don Julio, Cabeza, and Tapatio. If you want your weekend to get interesting and unforgettable, then we also recommend you to check Ocho, Herradura, Juarez, and Sauza tequila brands. These brands produce masterpiece tequilas that let us complete our top ten list in the best manner. 

Best tequila accessories and gadgets you can shop online

Quality tequila accessories and gadgets are meant to enhance your experience and enable you to enjoy the tequila-drinking ritual to the maximum. 

Legacy-A Picnic Time Brand Cantinero 6-Shot Glass Serving Set

This Cantinero shot server set by Legacy is designed to let you feel the tequila magic to its finest. The set features acacia wood tray with designated carved indents for components. Also, the set comes with six high-quality shot glasses with weighted shams, a ceramic condiment dish and salt shaker. 

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Mexican Leather Mini Boot Tequila Shot

MexART offers a set of well-designed mini boot tequila shot glasses that are meant to get the party started in the right way. The shot glasses are manually produced and feature high-quality materials that ensure the durability of the tequila shot glasses. 

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BOKIN Bracelet Bangle Flask 304 Stainless Steel

BOKIN bracelet flask can be an interesting and useful gift that features superior quality and comfortable design. The flask is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and is rustproof, durable and safe for use. BOKIN flask also features an outstanding design with the rhinestone lid that makes it look classy and stylish. 

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Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Himalayan salt shot glasses are all FDA approved and feature outstanding functionality. The glasses naturally add the salt flavor to the tequila shots and naturally stop the growth of bacteria. These glasses should be wiped clean and stored in a cool, dry place when not in use. 

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Te Amo Tequila Funny Novelty Couples Shot Glasses

If you want to spice the things up on the party, then these tequila shot glasses are there to help you as they are designed to be the best conversation starters. The glasses are suitable for every occasion and will make people laugh wherever you go. Also, the glasses are designed to allow for a firm grip. 

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The Wine Savant Diamond Decanter

This impressive bar set features an outstanding and stylish design. The set is hand-crafted and features a carefully constructed diamond-shaped decanter and diamond-shaped glasses. The bar set also comes with the mahogany-stained wood display that adds up to the overall aesthetical value of the set. 

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Royal Decanters Etched Globe Decanter Gift Set- Glasses & Glass Beverage Drink Dispenser

Royal Decanters offers an elegant lead-free skull decanter which is entirely hand-made. With a large 850mL decanter and 4 bar glasses, this glassware set is both eye-pleasing and functional. A fitted glass stopper seals the decanter for the perfect storage and keeps your favorite beverage fresh. 

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Fairly Odd Novelties FON-10046 Shot Glass Roulette Complete Set

Fairly odd novelties came up with an interesting shot glass set design that looks like roulette and is designed for the amusing drinking games. The set is designed to inspire you and your friends to have a great time, which means that the set is a great party starter. 

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G.U.S. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Tequila Tasting Set with Cutting Board & Ceramic Knife

Great Useful Stuff offers a high-quality and well-designed portable tasting station with six ceramic shot glasses, and a bamboo serving tray with six slots for sturdy serving. Also, the set includes a bamb9o cutting board and a knife, so you can have all the necessary things for a top-quality tequila tasting. 

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Barbuzzo 50 Caliber Shot Glass – Set of 2 Shot Glasses Shaped like Bullet Casings

This great-looking set of 2 ceramic shot glasses features outstanding design and can serve as a fantastic gift idea. The glasses are shaped like bullet casing, which can be especially appealing for both male and female tequila lovers. Each shot glass is made of high-quality ceramic that provides the glasses with outstanding durability. 

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