Top 10 Reasons For Brexit

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So the UK has voted to leave the European Union after an intensely close vote. The country is now divided between Remain and Leave but a 2nd referendum may be coming soon. It’s time for people to make a well informed, educated decision as most of both sides have found that everything they thought was actually just a bunch of lies. Here’s 10 reasons for the UK to leave the European Union!



10. Make our own laws

Being part of a large organisation like the EU means any laws they make are applied to each member. Not every law is the best option for any country though, so it can actually be a huge hindrance on the development of said country. After leaving the EU, the government can create custom, bespoke laws that suit the UK the best and allows it to grow like it should be doing.




9. Norway

Norway is currently enjoying the 4th highest GDP per capita out of any country in the world. This is despite an average of 71% of Norwegians being against the EU, they are prospering and they want to continue doing so.  Norway is a fine example of a great country continuing to be a great country and there’s no doubt that the UK can do the same.




8. Sovereignty

Similiar to the laws entry but it deserves its own spot. After the UK has left the EU, it’ll have complete control over itself. This means that the UK citizens no longer need a politician who has barely ever stepped in the UK to tell them how their country needs to be run. These citizens live and die in the UK and they know what is best for their country. Now they have that control again!




7. Cameron Resignation

Prime Minister David Cameron will step down when the UK leaves the EU. Enough said.




6.  EU Corruption

Think about your country, do you want corrupt officials to choose what laws are applied, which are determined by how much a certain company pays them? No? Stay away from the EU. There’s a long list of weird, sporadic payments without explanation for members all over the EU. Bribery and corruption is quite clearly an entity within the European Union and it’s something the UK wants no part of.




5.  Criminals

The UK is famed for having a great justice system where convincts are actually dealt with and the innocent walk free. Not in the EU, though, as criminals can keep jumping from country to country, escaping justice. There was even a Latvian who murdered his wife and raped a 14 year old girl but managed to get in to the UK who is now living off our tax money. This has to stop and it will be stopped.




4. Finance

The UK spends a huge £55,000,000 a DAY on the EU. Take into account that the disabled are scared ****less that their benefits will stop, the NHS is completely failing and the elderly are barely getting their pensions. The UK needs all the money it can get and this is a good start. That money can be re-invested straight back into the mainland, where it will be put to good use.




3. Trade

The idea that the UK will be far worse off after leaving the EU is ridiculous. The UK imports far more from Europe than it exports so they actually need the UK more than the UK needs them. Thanks to the list entry number 8, the UK can now create and control its own trade deals and regulations which means they are no longer bound by the sanctions of the EU. Yes, expect a drop in the UK economy for a short while but they will surely grow into a world superpower once again.





2. Immigration

Not all migrants are bad, not all migrants are Islamic and not all migrants are benefit scroungers. What is fact is that the UK are at war with terrorism and it hides itself everywhere. For every 10,000 refugees they let in, how many do you think are radical? At least 1, so if they let in 100,000 then that’s at least 10 (but the number will likely be much higher). There only needs to be 1 or 2 ‘refugees’ who are radical enough to cause major devastation to a country. This is the main reason the UK voted to leave the EU and it’s an extremely important one, for the security of the UK.




1. The UK is bigger than the EU

The UK has been a large superpower for hundreds of years now, it once had the largest Empire in the world and was a huge reason behind Hitler’s defeat in World War 2. Throughout history, the UK has been everywhere and done everything, helping those who need it and conquering those who bring war. The UK does not need the EU, the UK will continue to dominate the world as it has done throughout the centuries.

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