The Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

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Sports are recreational activities that anyone can get involved with. You can opt for relaxing sports like chess. But if you happen to be an adrenaline junkie, then you are sure to go for vigorous sports. However, this poses physical dangers to enthusiasts, especially the extreme ones. Nonetheless, die-hard players continue to perform these sports for their undeniable thrill and excitement.


  1. Bull riding

bull riding

The gist is to stay on the bull for as long as you can, but eventually, cowboys are going to find themselves falling off the bull. Such fall causes fractures and concussions. In other cases, cowboys are attacked and stabbed by unmanaged bulls.


  1. Gymnastics


Despite the flexibility and endurance showed in gymnastics, it invokes a series of common and serious accidents. Mistakes in their routines would result to cartilage damage, sprains, and even fatal head injuries.


  1. BASE jumping

base jumping

As wild as it sounds, jumping off a building is not that easy. Parachutes obviously play an important role. Other than having to face death with the absence or failure of the parachute, speeding through the wind too fast also provokes lethal health conditions.

  1. Scuba diving

scuba diving

Going underwater is very fascinating, but there is always the risk of breathing apparatus malfunction. Aside from that, going too deep will cause decompression sickness. Plus, unknown sea creatures lurking deep down  in the water could be equally risky.

  1. Surfing


Whether you are surfing over big waves or small ones, the most dreaded peril involves having the head smashed to one of the sea rocks. At some point, the waves may be too much to handle, and surfers might drown or get pulled by the current.


  1. BMX


Being a combination of racing and stunts, bicycle motocross entails swerving and well-controlled, but a small mistake can get the rider to critically stumble with his bike. Accidents involve falling flat on the face, cuts, sprains, and bruises.



  1. Boxing


Boxing requires opponents to punch each other just to earn points or to triumph via a knock-out. It is no surprise that boxers inevitably suffer from bruises and cuts on the face. In the long run, most boxers are found to suffer from brain damage and even mental diseases.


  1. Mountain climbing

mountain climbing

Whether you are climbing natural rocks or snowy mountains, there is always the chance of getting physical injuries such as sprained ankles and fractured bones especially. The crooked landscape bears multiple physical risks. Moreover, climbers may lose their path or endure harsh weather changes.


  1. Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Horses seem to be gentle creatures, but any accident involving them definitely comes out fatal especially when you are thrown off by your very own steed. Other accidents involve getting trampled by these creatures.

  1. Heli-Skiing


Obviously a death-defying sport, heli-skiing requires skiers to jump off a helicopter and start gliding from the  top of a perilous ice slope. Getting out of the helicopters with your ski gear is already life-threatening, and skiing down a terrifying, steep slope only makes it more dangerous.

If you have the passion for adrenaline-stimulating sports, you can choose any of the extreme activities listed above. Just make sure to be extra careful and be ready for both the best and worst.


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