Top 10 Biggest Time-Management Obstacles and How to Avoid Them For Maximum Productivity

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  1. Communication

Effective communication is one of the best things you can do that will have you effectively spend your time. One of the biggest time-wasters is having business conversations with no specific goals or end objectives in mind. Rather than having some banter, have updates and reports.

  1. Interruptions

Interruptions can get into your workdays in countless numbers of ways, from a coworker asking if you got a second to emails that people want you to respond to immediately. Great time management makes sure that you stay on track and your projects don’t get disrupted.

  1. Procrastination

Sometimes it can be very tempting to find excuses to postpone and interrupt important projects and tasks. Before you know it, you may have so many reasons not to do something that getting back to work can be challenging. Often, procrastination is a road to trouble that you must avoid at all costs.

  1. Boundaries

For some people, the biggest challenge to managing their time is their coworkers, friends, family members and other people. You can’t have a successful time management system if you are available to everyone immediately when they want something from you. It may work when you are interacting with one or two people, but if the number of people who expect you to be available immediately is large, this is simply not realistic.

  1. Work-Family balance

While work and time management are important, you also need to set your priorities straight and make sure that you devote a portion of your time to the things that matter to you.

  1. Interactions with other people

If you regularly have to interact with others in the workplace, you will have limitless opportunities for distractions and wasting time. The key is to maintain control and manage your interactions, meetings, and appointments.

  1. Keeping managers on track

Keeping your coworkers on track may be important and difficult, but doing so with your boss is also crucial and can be challenging. If your supervisor is the one who always asks you if you “got a second,” you need to elevate your diplomacy skills and find a way to stay productive.

  1. Motivation

Managing your time doesn’t happen at once. It’s a journey and a process. During this journey, you will have times when you’ll feel disappointed. It is important to give yourself credit when credit is due and reward yourself so that you can keep going in getting things done.

  1. Making decisions

Postponing making decisions because you feel that you don’t have enough information or need to get input from some of your team members is one of the easiest things to do. However, this can lead to confusion and struggle and prevent you from getting things done.

  1. The expansion of tasks

No matter how productive you are, work will always try to expand and fill the time that you will let it. This is why it is so important to focus on the goals and not try to do everything, which is impossible in the first place.