Top 10 Benefits of Ezoic

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Ezoic is a massively growing service that provides bloggers with an easy method of boosting their revenue. Everyone who uses the service has experienced jumps in their traffic and revenue, but they’re not the only thing that make Ezoic such a great service. Whether your blog gets 5 views a day or 5000, Ezoic can help you. But how?

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10. Free

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This is the main thing that enticed me in the first place, Ezoic is completely free with no drawbacks at all, except a small ad placed at the bottom of your site. You can choose to pay, it determines the price by seeing how much traffic you get. If you don’t get much traffic your cost will be low, if you get a lot then your cost will be higher (but still relatively low in comparison to your earnings from said traffic). Or you can just use the free version and have an ad at the bottom of your page!



9. Feedback


Ezoic constantly tests different layouts on your site and this contributes heavily to your growth. Even if you’re earning a lot on your site after just a few months, in a few more months you will be earning even more. Ezoic tells you exactly which layouts are performing well/badly and lets you view the layouts yourself. This kind of feedback is very helpful and lets us know what is happening with our sites.



8. Easy Setup

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Ezoic is by far the easiest platform to get started with, you simply change your server records and wait a bit. No hassle or fuss, the job literally takes less than a few minutes. You can also switch it back if you ever want to with the same ease. It does take a bit of time for the results to start coming in but after a week or so it’ll be perfect!



7. Apps


While the default solution that Ezoic provides is completely fine in its own right, it’s highly recommended that you make use of the various apps available. They range from statistics & comments to performance & layout enhancements. Ezoic provides these for free (for some reason, they could easily charge), allowing you to install as many as you’d like and boosting your traffic even more.



6. Web Layout


The web layout is very simplistic but also contains all the information you need to know. There’s no looking around the site to find what you need, it’s all there in a user-friendly environment. Of course more things will pop up as you use more apps but it’s extremely easy to keep track of. It’s a very nice and simple system to use.



5. Complete Control

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You can hand your site over to Ezoic and not touch anything, they will do the work while you make posts. You can also completely control which layouts are used, app settings, pretty much everything how you like. It’s up to you, you have that freedom and control to choose how your site grows. Whether you’re managing it or barely touching it, you have the option and either way, your traffic and revenue will grow.



4. Genuine Company

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A large majority, if not next to all companies only care about one thing; money. All companies need to make money of course but most of them will do so without taking the opinions of their customers into account. Ezoic is a genuine company with genuine employees, they could easily make their free service chargeable and put prices on their apps. They understand that by helping the content creators, they’re helping themselves. Any other company would likely provide such a great service at a much higher price and have no free option.



3. Affiliate

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Ezoic offers an affiliate service whereby if someone signs up with your referral link, you will earn a percentage of their earnings. This is available to everyone, just like it is with most sites. However Ezoic has produced a completely new system for their affiliates, it’s not just a side-page with a few functions here and there, they provide high class statistics and tools for you to use. I am very grateful for what Ezoic has done so I feel very happy going out of my way to promote their system.




2. Results


The results are outstanding, you can go from earning pennies on AdSense to having a nice small bonus income in a matter of months. If you’re a high traffic earner, get ready for huge revenue increases. Ezoic constantly upgrades the layout to a higher earning one, so your revenue will increase every month. After a few months, something as simple as a single article going viral will yield way more revenue than any other service out there. If for any reason you’re not convinced by the previous entries, this one has to be it.



1. Customer Service

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By far the biggest incentive for me to stick with Ezoic is their customer service. You get tailored, friendly and helpful replies from your personal account manager. Whether you have a question or need some complicated technical stuff doing, you will get a reply quickly. You can also reach out to them via social media, it feels like they’re your friend or colleague rather than support. There’s no jumping through tickets and emails trying to get a reply to a simple question, Ezoic’s customer service is the best I have ever experienced.

If you’re considering joining, please use my referral link as it will help me out a ton. Thanks for reading, I hope Ezoic helps you as much as it helps me 🙂


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