The 10 Best Tool Brands

There are dozens of brands for tools that you can find when you walk into any home improvement store. These brands will offer everything from drills to lawnmowers and chainsaws. Others will offer machines best suited for the average homeowner. Here are some of the ten best tool brands that you can choose from to suit your needs.


DeWalt is an American company with its headquarters in Towson, Maryland. The Black & Decker Company that offers virtually every tool on the planet owns it. It has become the leader in drills and other machines and primarily deals with power and hand tools. It’s well-known because they offer quality products at affordable prices.


Bosch is a direct competitor to DeWalt and offers exceptional machines geared towards professionals. This German Company offers everything from hearing aids to automobile engines. However, the main brand of Bosch offers strictly power tools and related accessories. Just like other companies, it offers a wide range of prices for its tools.


Makita offers professional and consumer-grade products and has much more within their line-up. This brand offers many cordless models of power tools that can run for up to an hour on a single charge. This Japanese Company has grown on the back of its battery technology thanks to its powerful and long-lasting batteries.  


This Wisconsin based tool company has made itself into an international powerhouse in the tool industry. It differs from other tool brands simply because they have less overall products. The vast majority of tools in this company line-up are priced between $50 and $200 with high-end models selling for well over $200 mark.


This is another highly-regarded brand in the tool space since it’s known for creating quality tools that can stand the test of time. The options with Stanley can be a bit pricier than some other tool brands but the tools give you value for your money.


This is another brand that seems to have its name everywhere. While the company is in many industries, you’ll find that there are many divisions that make up the entirety of the brand. This brand offers mostly mid-priced options for its tools, and you’ll be able to find bare-tool options for as low as $30.


Ryobi is a recently new company compared to others on this list. However, its tools are manufactured with great ingenuity just like other brands on the list. Ryobi sells through Home Depot and Amazon, making it ideal for DIY homeowners or professionals that need a quality, budget-friendly manufacture they can trust.

Black & Decker

This brand is a household name and is one of the biggest players in the power tools market today. They offer everything from drills to vacuums and more. It owns the DeWalt brand and also offer their tools at a wide range of prices. Their line-up includes everything from a simple battery-powered drill to a four-tool combo kit.


This is another highly rated brand that offers a wide selection of power tools. It offers a wide array of products from leaf blowers and trimmers to construction machines and protective apparel. With many of its machines now manufactured within the US, this brand offers low to high-end price ranges for all their products as they try to accommodate a wide range of customers.


With over 20 years in the industry, Kobalt have a great experience both in hardware and the home improvement field. They strive to create designs and build tools that the customer will like. Most of their wide range of products come with their guarantee package.

The Verdict

These are the top power tool brands in the industry. The different innovations they bring to the table will surely meet a professional user’s demand. If you are looking for a variety of tools with great value, you can look at some of the brands above. Each brand has its own quality that will suit your needs perfectly.