Top 10 Tips for Developing a Power of Focus

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1.      The Curse of Modern Times

We live oddly structured lives.  For most of us the week starts with a groan on Monday and finishes with a sigh of relief on Friday.  We dream of cutting free from a job we probably dislike and a time constraint we certainly dislike.

Currently our intellect says you need to go to work to earn money to pay the rent and put food on the table.   Not working equates to homelessness and starvation for you and your family.  So we grin and bear the weekly trudge to work.

Grueling Work Schedule Monday to Friday

2.      Break the Mould

If we could only enhance the power of our mind, we could perhaps break the Monday to Friday mold, or bend the mold sufficient to make Monday to Friday less of an imposition.

3.      How to Break Free

To do that we need to develop our power of focus.  If we can focus on the important stuff and put the not so important stuff to one side, then perhaps we can change things.  It might be a small thing in that we do our job differently and feel better about it, or we might make a conscious decision to leave formal employment and start that business we dreamed of.

But as Chairman Mao said, the longest journey starts with a single step.

It Starts with a Single Step

4.      How to Start

The first step must be to recognize that you need to focus more.  A sailing ship moves through the water better with tight sails focused on the wind direction.  A lack of focus leaves the sails flapping and the ship not going so well.   You need to tighten up.

5.      Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

There is an old saw that states when you are up to your bum in alligators, it’s difficult to remember that your original objective was to drain the swamp.   Prioritize.  Recognize what is important and must be done now, and what is the small stuff that can be left till later or ignored entirely.  Most stuff is small stuff.

Focus on the Things That Really Matter

6.      Ignore Toxic Events and Individuals

Your stress levels heighten when faced with some events and individuals.  They are toxic in the sense that they drain you of positive energy.  Ignore them as far as is possible.  One trick to defusing toxic individuals is to imagine them naked.   Takes away their power.

7.      Downtime is Essential

Monday to Friday work consumes us and our minds lose the elasticity that comes from different environments.  Spend more time with your family, make sure that you have a day in the week that is completely away from work.  No phone, no Internet, no social media, no email.  Ideally those are the same days.

Spend Time Offline to Refocus


8.      Power Napping

Another idea comes from the east.  Have a power nap, aka snooze, at lunch time.  Even 25 minutes will refresh the mind.



9.      Chill out

The basic purpose of these activities is to free your mind from the constraints currently put onto it by Monday to Friday.  Admit that even on Saturday and Sunday you still think about work.  Stop it and you will be free to explore other, probably more important focus areas, your family, your hobbies, your future.

Chill Out

10. What Next

How to move on is a moot point.  One Indian swami says that the real fight is between the mind and the intellect, and currently the intellect is winning.  What you must do is to use the mind to provide the intellect with the correct knowledge.   A kind of positive feedback cycle ensues, developing your power of focus.  How to achieve that is for another day.  You have enough to think about.

The Battle Between the Mind and the Intellect





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