Best Power Washer Soap For Cars

A power washer is an excellent tool for keeping your car clean. However, choosing the best power washer soap for cars can be tricky. There are a variety of power washer soaps on the market, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the best power washer soap for cars, so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing a power washer soap for your car.

Best Power Washer Soap For Cars

Editor's Choice
Chemical Guys CWS_402_64 Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap (Works with Foam Cannons, Foam Guns or
Chemical Guys CWS_402_64 Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap (Works with Foam Cannons, Foam Guns or
Premium Pick
MISSION AUTOMOTIVE Concentrated Pressure Washer Car Wash Soap for Vehicle Cleaning 8oz Makes 12
MISSION AUTOMOTIVE Concentrated Pressure Washer Car Wash Soap for Vehicle Cleaning 8oz Makes 12
Budget Pick
MASTERSON'S CAR CARE MCC_102_128 Wash & Shine Shampoo - Premium Car Wash Soap - Works With Foam
MASTERSON'S CAR CARE MCC_102_128 Wash & Shine Shampoo - Premium Car Wash Soap - Works With Foam

Best Power Washer Soap For Cars

1. Chemical Guys CWS_402_64 Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap (Works with Foam Cannons, Foam Guns or

  • 10 plus YEARS OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS Mr. Pink has been available on Amazon since 2012 and consistently gets the best ratings and reviews (30,000 plus and growing). Its one of the best-selling products in the history of Chemical Guys. Dont believe us. Check out the reviews and ratings on this page.
  • FOAMY FUN The key to a clean car or a complete detail starts with a great wash. The best way to wash your car, truck, SUV, RV or Jeep is to use a product that creates a lot of foam. Mr. Pink produces thick, dirt fighting bubbles that help clean any vehicle.
  • BUCKET, FOAM GUN OR CANNON Whether you are washing with a wash mitt and bucket, a foam gun connected to your garden hose or a foam cannon connected to your pressure washer, Mr. Pink is the right car wash soap to deliver loads of foam and suds to get a great wash.
  • BEGINNER AND PROFESSIONAL DETAILER FRIENDLY Chemical Guys makes products for beginners and experts alike. Chemical Guys products are professional grade to get the best results and are also simple enough for even a beginner to achieve immediate results. This soap was made in the USA.
  • CONCENTRATED A little bit goes a long way. Just add 1-3 oz. of Mr. Pink to a 5 gallon wash bucket or to a 32 oz. solution tank for your foam cannon or foam gun and you are ready to experience a foam frenzy.
  • SMELLS GREAT, LOOKS GREAT, FEELS GREAT Washing your car should not only be fun, but it should make you feel good. It makes you feel awesome when your ride looks clean and new. Weve created Mr. Pink to not only make your wash better and easier, but also, the amazing candy scent adds to your car washing experience.
  • PH BALANCED Other detailing shampoos and low grade car wash soaps are often too strong, stripping wax and staining plastic and rubber parts. Mr. Pink is pH balanced and gentle on all exterior automobile parts like paint, clear coat, polished metals, glass, and plastic trim. It's safe on waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings too.

2. MISSION AUTOMOTIVE Concentrated Pressure Washer Car Wash Soap for Vehicle Cleaning 8oz Makes 12

MISSION AUTOMOTIVE Concentrated Pressure Washer Car Wash Soap for Vehicle Cleaning 8oz Makes 12
  • Highly Effective Pressure Washer Car Soap: 8oz super concentrated Pressure Washer Vehicle Soap for use with standard pressure washers and foam guns or cannons. Makes up to 12 Gallons!
  • Deep Cleaning Without Residue: Our highly effective auto wash soap formula quickly penetrates dirt, grime, salt & gunky build-up for a professional-looking clean. Unlike many other products on the market, ours won't easily leave an unpleasant residue.
  • Easy To Use: Simply dilute 2 capfuls per gallon of water or 1.5 capfuls for a foam gun. Prewash the vehicle with water and then apply soap for car washing with the pressure washer. Scrub if required and rinse generously for a sparkling finish.
  • Safe & Biodegradable Car Soap: Safe to use on clear coats, gel coats, fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, and rubber. Our pressure washer soap gives a deep-down clean on a variety of surfaces.
  • Proudly Made In The USA: This pressure washer auto soap is made in the USA to the highest manufacturing standards. Give your vehicle a professional-looking clean.

3. Sun Joe SPX-FCS1G Premium Snow Foam Cannon Pineapple Pressure Washer Rated Car Wash Soap and

  • Concentrate: pressure washer concentrate formula
  • SAFE: Biodegradable, safe on metal surfaces
  • Deep cleaning: Removes dirt and grime, yet safe for wax and sealants
  • Versatile: can be applied with a mop or brush to clean wood, brick and more.
  • Best results: for best results, use with a pressure washer foam cannon Attachment (Sun Joe spx-fc34)

4. MASTERSON'S CAR CARE MCC_102_128 Wash & Shine Shampoo - Premium Car Wash Soap - Works With Foam

MASTERSON'S CAR CARE MCC_102_128 Wash & Shine Shampoo - Premium Car Wash Soap - Works With Foam
  • HIGH FOAM CAR WASH SOAP Quality car wash shampoo instantly cleans away dirt, grime, mud, road filth, and debris for a showroom shine on all vehicles. Wash & Shine Shampoo is design for gentle cleaning. Safe for all waxes, sealants, and coating. Extra slick formula creates super suds to cleanse away dirt. Works on all cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, boats, airplanes, and much more. Foam cannon soap works in all pressure washer attachments.
  • INSTANTLY CLEANS AWAY DIRT Super suds car wash soap cleans away dirt for a brilliant shine on all colors. Surfactant cleaner scrubs away dirt and grime faster and easier. Foam wash lifts heavy dirt from the surface to reduce swirl marks and scratches while washing. Best choice for washing any car in minutes. Pink shampoo features surfactant cleaner to deliver professional washing results. Extra slick formula glides any wash mitt over the surface for complete cleaning.
  • ULTIMATE FOAM CANNON SOAP The perfect choice for any pressure washer cannon soap wash. Premium foaming agents creates extreme foam for deep cleaning any vehicle. Simply use in any foam gun or foam cannon attachment with your pressure washer or garden hose. Concentrated biodegradable car wash shampoo is safe for all cars and protects the environment. Pink shampoo rinses clean for zero streaks or spots. Formulated with water softeners to reduce water spots from hard water.
  • SAFE FOR ALL VEHICLES & SURFACES Wash & Shine Shampoo is safe for all cars and vehicles. Gentle cleaning formula is safe for washing sensitive vehicles. Maintains all wax coatings and sealants. Eco-Friendly Formula is safe for washing in all environments. We design premium detailing supplies that care for nature and our eco-system. Wash your car knowing the world is safe and clean. Advanced gloss enhancers deliver a brilliant shine on all colors.
  • WORKS IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT Innovative car wash soap works in direct sunlight. pH Balanced formula always rinses clean for a perfect shine. Rinse and dry your vehicles faster with our pink car wash soap formula. Optical clarity enhancers create a super smooth finish instantly. Washes paint, wheels, bumpers, rims, engines, windows, and all vehicle parts. Wash formula cleans and conditions using bucket wash or foam gun. Delivers snow foam washing results on any size vehicle.

5. Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Battery Power Scrubber, Red, Multi-Purpose Scrub Brush Cleaner for

  • FAST SCRUBBING POWER: Power scrubber tool designed to clean up to 2x faster than a manual scrubber
  • TIME SAVINGS: Oscillating head scrubs 60 times per second
  • WATER RESISTANT: Liquid resistant assembly for durability you expect from Rubbermaid
  • 2 DIFFERENT SETTINGS: Pulse and continuous scrubbing settings
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP: Soft comfortable grip
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: Tool possesses 6 volts of power and comes with 4 AA batteries
  • MULTI-USE: Ideal for grout lines, corners, crevices, and tight spaces

6. Adam's Car Wash Shampoo (Gallon) - pH Car Wash Soap For Snow Foam Cannon, Foam Gun, Pressure Washer

  • ADAMS CAR WASH SHAMPOO: SAFE, EFFECTIVE, & SLICK - Our pH neutral wash soap safely lifts dirt away from your car's paint, without damaging your clear coat. Plus, it creates a slick feel, lubricating all of your paint surfaces for a scratch-free wash experience.
  • SAFE FOR ALL VEHICLE SURFACES - Our advanced cleaners and polymers make Adams Car Shampoo gentle enough to not dry out your trim or plastic components. It's effective, yet safe for all surfaces including paint, rubber, vinyl, windows & plastics.
  • ENHANCE YOUR AUTO DETAILING ARSENAL - Adams Car Shampoo gives you a thick layer of suds that lubricates your vehicle paint to eliminate dirt, grime, & other environmental contaminants. It works great in a wash bucket, foam gun or foam cannon, and has a pleasant wild berry fragrance.
  • THE PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR CAR WASH KIT - Adams Car Shampoo is spot free, rinses clean & wont strip existing waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings. Use it in sunlight, before cleansing your paint with a clay bar, waxing protection, or paint polishing.
  • 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - At Adams, we bring the BEST car cleaning supplies, auto detailing kits, washing accessories, and more to the car care industry. If you're not satisfied, we'll do everything we can to make it right.

7. Rain-X 5072084 Foaming Car Wash - 100 fl oz.

  • High-Foaming car wash
  • Protects waxed surfaces - will not strip or dull waxed surfaces
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for all vehicle surfaces
  • 100oz size bottle
  • High-Foaming car wash
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for all vehicle surfaces
  • 100oz size bottle

8. Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash, Car Wash Foam for Car Cleaning - 1 Gallon Container

  • CAR WASH FOAM: One-gallon container of Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash designed to both wash and condition paint in one step for easy car care
  • CLEAR COAT SAFE: Made using safe, biodegradable detergents (1), this car cleaning foam is safe to use on all paint types and clear coats ((1) Detergents biodegradable per Regulation (EC) No 648/2004)
  • RICH CAR SHAMPOO: Premium formula gently and safely foams away tough dirt, road grime and contaminants
  • PAINT CONDITIONER: Luxurious formula clears away debris while specialized paint conditioners enhance color and clarity, letting the beauty of your vehicle shine through
  • TO USE: Mix four capfuls of car wash per gallon of water in a wash bucket, apply to the vehicle's surface with a high-quality wash mitt, rinse and dry
  • FOAM CANNON READY: Dilute Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash 5:1 when used with a foam cannon

9. Sun Joe SPX-ASST3Q Pressure Washer Concentrate, Multicolor

  • DETERGENT TRIO: Includes a 3-pack of Sun Joe's House plus Deck, Heavy-Duty, and Snow Foam pressure washer detergent
  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA: 1 quart per bottle of powerful fast-foaming formula
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Eco-friendly for use outside of the home, this bleach-free formula won't damage surrounding plant life and vegetation
  • INCLUDES: 3x 1 quart bottles of concentrated pressure washer detergent
  • MULTI-USE: Designed for use with Sun Joe pressure washers plus foamer cannon accessories

10. Karcher Pressure Washer Multi-Purpose Cleaning Soap Concentrate – For All Outdoor Surfaces – 1

  • Universal Compatibility: Formulated to work in tandem with your pressure washer, and compatible with most consumer gas & electric power pressure washers
  • The Karcher Promise - Cleaner. Quicker: Karcher's Multi-Purpose Pressure Washer Soap is perfect for cleaning concrete, pavement, driveways, patios, decks, sidewalks, RVs, cars, boats, homes, fencing, and more.
  • Highly Concentrated: Make up to 20 gallons of detergent from a single gallon of Karcher's Multi-Purpose Concentrate
  • Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable formula
  • Made in the USA

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