Top 8 Saddest Anime Deaths

If there’s something special anime specializes in, it’s in making the cast lovable, relatable, and absolutely unforgettable. It’s very rare to watch an anime and then forget about the main characters and the attributes that made them so unique and amazing. That’s why the death of one of the character can be very heartbreaking to viewers. Here are the top 10 saddest deaths in anime.


Otanashi From Angel Beats


After a terrible train accident, and wanting to help anyone sick in memory of his dead sister, Otanashi is left to survive in a cave with a group of survivors. Wounded and losing consciousness, he helps everyone until he couldn’t move anymore. As he lies down waiting for everything to be over, he decides to sign his organ donor card to help someone else out.

Top 10 saddest anime deaths


Shirley From Code Geass


Killed by Rolo out of jealousy, Shirley is found bleeding on the floor by Lelouch. She realizes he wants to command her to live, hoping only on a miracle that she does. She realizes she only has moments to left with him and tells him everything she knew and that she simply doesn’t care before she wastes away.

Top anime deaths


Ushio From Clannad


Ushio is diagnosed with the same sickness as her mother but expects to get better. Her sickness broke the hearts of many viewers after the death of Nagisa. When she tries to go outside, she slowly loses her strength and finally collapses in her father’s arms. Her father holds her arms as she utters her last words, “I love you, papa.”

saddest anime deaths


Kamina From Toppa Gurren Lagann


After a whole battle in which he kept encouraging Simon as they overtake an enemy fleet, Kamina is injured by an attack but continues going. It’s not only until the end of the battle that he decides he can rest as the worst is over. The death comes out of nowhere as viewers hoped he’d get better as he had just promised Yoko happiness.

top saddest anime deaths


Maes Hughes From Full Metal Alchemist


A loving father and husband, the death of this paternal figure had more of an impact in this anime. After going too deep into an investigation on homunculi, he is marked to be killed. Killed by Envy the shapeshifter, his death was unexpected and got more painful by each passing moment. It was heartbreaking seeing his daughter cry at the funeral.

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L From Death Note


This death was not only extremely painful but completely out of the blue and unworthy for the character. The antagonistic hero in the story, he strives to defeat Kira and bring him to justice. In a turn of events, L is killed by him, when it turns out Kira and Light were one and the same. This was a brutal and hastened way for such an amazing character to go.

L from death note saddest anime death


Asuna From Sword Art Online


This game wouldn’t let any of its players go unless they beat it or died in the process. This is where Kirito realizes he must fight to the death to give his love a chance to live in the real world once more. In a quick turn of events, she rushes in front of him and she soon bursts into pieces after her HP drops rapidly. Kirito is left broken and filled with rage as she was the only person that kept him sane through it all.

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Gasai Yuno From Mirai Nikki


What makes this death sad is the fact that Yuno did all her deeds out of love. She wanted to be with Yuki forever since she had once lost him and only knew to get him back by making another realm of existence. She drives the dagger through her own body instead of her lover’s, ending with lots of sadness for Yukki and viewers alike.

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These are some of the saddest deaths in anime. The reactions to these deaths vary among viewers but have left many scarred. Therefore, they aren’t ranked in any order as they can all be considered to be impactful and filled with despair. Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched these anime yet!