Top 10 Ways to Have a Great Job Interview

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  1. Make it a conversation

Some interviewees may feel intimidated at first and only respond to the question directly, leaving little opportunity for the interviewer to really see you shine. Try to stay loose, tell stories that demonstrate your job experience, and ask the interviewer yourself.

  1. Be informed

You don’t want to go into an interview with the sole priority of asking for the job. You also want to show the interviewer why you are a fit for the company you’ve applied to, as well as learn more about the position and analyze whether or not it’s still what you want to go forward when armed with that additional information from the interviewer.

  1. Don’t beg

Some interviewers may be turned off by a candidate who gives off too much of a desperate vibe. At the end of the day, job openings are usually awarded to those who are most qualified, not those who are the humblest. So avoid that attitude and make sure to inform the company of your strengths.

  1. Consider the interviewer an equal

When you treat the person interviewing you as an equal, this gives off an air of self-confidence that will be a positive for many recruiters. Of course, you still want to show respect for the interviewer but also avoid giving off the impression of being a total subordinate.

  1. Have a good posture

Another way to demonstrate confidence is by standing up and sitting up straight during the interview, as well as making eye contact with the interviewer. A strong handshake and an effort to use the interviewer’s name will also help the interviewer to remember you.

  1. Avoid rambling

While you want to have a conversational tone in a job interview, you also don’t want to lose them and push them off their track too much. If you tell stories, you should keep them below 90 seconds and make sure their relation to the job you’re seeking is obvious.

  1. Stay professional

Related to the conversational tone is that you don’t necessarily want to treat the interviewer as your friend immediately. Remember that this is a matter of business, and treat the occasion accordingly, keeping all conversation focused on the job you’ve applied for.

  1. Don’t assume anything

Sometimes the interviewer may ask a question you’re unprepared for or one that makes you think of its purpose. When this happens, you’re better off asking an additional question than guessing the intent and then being wrong. In fact, this may show some interviewers that you will do your best to understand the task at hand before going ahead with it, a positive in many recruiters’ eyes.

  1. Stay calm

When you’re in the middle of job interviews, you may be stressed about the other goings-on in your life, but your role as the interviewee requires you to stay calm. Some recruiters may even be somewhat confrontational in an attempt to see how well you do under pressure, so be alert for this and do your best to control your emotions.

  1. Show interest

If you answer only “yes” or “no” to the interviewer’s questions, this could give off that you’re just going through the motions and are not really eager to begin working with the company. Try to express yourself when giving answers, and ask questions about the job opening to show that you are truly interested in working with them and want to be fully informed.