Top 10 Popular Songs from Musicals

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You may have heard that one song you know is so popular it that it could only be sung by a legendary pop singer. But then, we you search for its origin, you find that it’s from some play or musical. Scores from musicals are not only earning loud applause from theatre audiences, but are now topping the music charts, too. In fact, even people who don’t frequent the theatre and are not fans of plays may have heard some these popular songs from musicals.


  1. Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity

From the musical Wicked, this song showed how the lead character, Elphaba, became her own self. It is such an empowering song. The lyrics appeal very much to the emotions.


  1. One Day More


Actually, every song from Les Miserables are worth listening to. They are all good. One Day More is a truly fantastic piece that can affect the heart of every listener. It has great harmonics, too.


  1. Seasons of Love


This song is catchy. It is a heartfelt song that seamlessly captures the emotions of the characters of Rent, so it’s no wonder it captured the hearts of both fans and non-fans of the musical.


  1. The Music of the Night


In this song from the Phantom of the Opera, the pain, sorrow, beauty and melody just blends perfectly. There were others who even revealed that they get goose bumps while listening to this song.


  1. On My Own


Who doesn’t know this song? Les Miserables did a great job in expressing the intense emotional heartbreak of Eponine. This song can definitely touch your feelings and make you cry. The performance of Lea Salonga is one of the best renditions of this song.


  1. Popular


This is another song from Wicked that has is an upbeat one. It is cleverly written. You can even fall in love with the character Glinda as you listen to this song.


  1. I’ll Make a Man Out of You

This song from Mulan is another empowering song. It can be sung solo or whether you are with your friends. Though popularized by the animated movie, it’s the Mulan stage performances that capture the essence of the song.


  1. He Lives in You


From the Lion King, this song makes you remember that even if you lose someone, they can still live on in your heart. Their memory can still live in you. This song is about a father and son love for each other which can truly captivate your heart.


  1. Memory


This song is one of the famous songs in musicals today. It does not matter whether you are a dog or a cat person. You truly can love this song. There are artists like Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion who made their own renditions of this song.


  1. My New Philosophy


From You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, this song brings out a delightful childhood memory in people. It can make the listener reminisce about their good old childhood moments and innocents. It can make you nostalgic of your younger days!


Music makes us appreciate moments, the people and things around us. If you got a good songs from musicals that keep you inspired, hold on to it and do not forget to add more to your list. Happy listening!


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