Top 10 Places Where You Can Get Inspirational Biographies & Memoirs

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Famous people’s biographies and memoirs can notably affect our everyday life and inspire us to overcome our personal boundaries. Therefore, many people enjoy reading the biographies of those who achieved big things in their lives. Here’s our list of top 10 places where you can get inspirational biographies to enjoy.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is know for a variety of different titles and book genres which are offered for free. With a massive library that hosts over 50,000 free eBooks, you will be able to find any inspirational biography or memoir that will make your time more enjoyable. You can download books in all the popular formats.

Amazon Free Kindle Books

If you are an Amazon Kindle user, then you will certainly enjoy the collection of free books which are available for download in all the popular e-book formats. Among the great number of titles and genres, you will be able to find a good many inspirational biographies of famous people. To find the biography you need, just select your favorite pick by author, name, or genre.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive allows you to find books from the internet which are no longer available anywhere else. This means that you can locate some titles and inspirational biographies which seem forgotten, thus, uncovering a hidden gem among thousands. Internet Archive is a non-profit online library that allows you to download e-books for free.


If you want to get free inspirational biographies and memoirs for your e-reader, then check out ManyBooks. Its site allows you to choose from  over 33,000 free books. It also features a comprehensive user interface with an eye-catching design. Not only do you have a lot of free options to choose from, but you also you get to read inspirational biographies on all the most popular e-book reading platforms.

LibGen/Library Genesis

LibGen is one of the most unique and revolutionary concepts focused on providing lots of people with free intellectual content. You’re able to search for inspirational biographies and memoirs all sorts of different genres. LibGen also allows you to download otherwise paywalled content for free.

Free eBooks

If you want to immediately download biographies and to enjoy, then check out the Free eBooks site. It offers a massive collection of free eBooks. To quickly find the title you want, you have a bunch of categories to choose from. But you it’s easy to find the biogrophy section where you can explore new content and get right down to reading.

Ebook Bike

Inspirational biographies can easily found online, assuming enough time to check numerous e-book sites out there. Ebook Bike saves you the time and effort by providing a number of different e-books and genres to choose from. You can even share your favorites with friends on various social media platforms.


Issuu’s goal is to provide its users with content and offers a wide variety, from books and magazines, to tutorials. All the content you download is free, which means that you get to download the inspirational biographies with no effort and or money needed. Also, there’s an option to read the books right on the site.


If you are in search for an inspirational biography and you decided to look online, then make sure that you head over to the GetFreeEBooks site. There you can access a large database of free eBooks on subjects ranging from education to science fiction. An inspirational biography is most certainly among the great many titles you will find on the site.