Top 10 Gluten Free Dog Treats

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A Mutt’s Story Bite Size Naturally Slow Smoked Gourmet Beef

4.5 stars, 148 reviews

This dog treat is made with high quality ingredients and packed with nutrients important for your dog’s health. Also, the beef is slow-smoked for 15 hours and is packed with flavor. This treat includes only all natural ingredients with no fillers, corn, soy and gluten.

Woodruff Pet Supply Dog Jerky Sticks

4.5 stars, 29 reviews

Woodruff pet supply dog jerky sticks are produced with the finest ingredients making for a taste your dog will love. The jerky sticks are made of natural ingredients and don’t contain any gluten or other unhealthy additives. Your dog will surely love these healthy treats.

Crafted by Humans Loved by Dogs Portland Pet Food Company Grain & Gluten-Free Biscuit Dog Treat Snacks

4 stars, 14 reviews

These biscuits contain only wholesome ingredients for easy digestion, without any artificial additives. The biscuits are gluten-free, which means your dog avoids any risks if sensitive. With these biscuits, your dog gets a healthy treat made of the best ingredients aimed promoting good health.

Sancho & Lola’s Grain-Free Jerky Dog Treats

4.5 stars, 51 reviews

Sancho & Lola’s jerky dog treats are made with the highest quality ingredients, containing no artificial additives. They’re also gluten-free. Each pack comes with 12 soft jerky sticks that can be fed whole or broken into pieces as training treats. These treats are a great source of lean protein without any harmful fillers.

Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Hip & Joint

4.5 stars, 217 reviews.

Cloud Star Dynamo Dog soft chews are meant to provide your dog with all the nutrients needed to live a healthy life. A good diet is essential and these a wonderful start. The treats are don’t contain any additives and are gluten-free. So your dog gets a great natural snack every day. They packed with flavor too, so your dog is sure to love them!

Chewy Grain & Gluten Free & Apple & Chicken Jerky Wraps

5 stars, 9 reviews

Great Choice offers this nutritious gluten-free dog snack. It’s flavored with an apple and chicken taste. The treats are made of natural ingredients anything bad added. The chewy texture makes for easy eating and digestion. Your dog is sure to love eating these healthy treats.

Green Valley Treats Rawhide Chews

4.5 stars, 63 reviews

Green Valley Treats are made of 100 percent natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or harmful additives. The chicken wrapped chews are healthy and gluten-free. This lets your dog will enjoy every bite while enjoying better health.  The chews are also made to last longer than average so they don’t go bad.

Dozers Dental Dog Chews

5 stars, 79 reviews

Dozers dental chews are made with 100 percent all natural ingredients. They don’t contain any gluten or artificial coloring or flavors. The shape of the chews is unique. Its curved bristles and raised edges are meant to clean hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. This promotes better oral hygiene, while giving your dog a treat.

Toss Ups Real Popcorn for Your Pooch

5 stars, 2 reviews

Toss Ups are designed to be like popcorn for dogs. The treats are made of gluten-free natural ingredients. They also don’t contain any artificial ingredients or fillers. Toss Ups come packed with nutrients and minerals important to canine health. Some of those include magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, and zinc, along with fiber and trace amounts of other vitamins.

Cedar Crate Market Earthborn Holistic EarthBites Grain-Free Gluten-Free Natural Moist Dog Treats

4 stars, 6 reviews

This bundle includes 3 packs of healthy dog treats without any artificial ingredients or preservatives. They’re also gluten-free and made to keep your dog healthy while offering him a tasty snack.  This treat is perfect as a training aid for dogs who might need a little extra boost to learn.