Top 10 Erotica Short Stories for When You Need A Quick, Steamy Read

Sometimes a good short erotic story can significantly better up your mood. Also, if you want to treat yourself with some good night excitement, the erotic stories will sparkle up your imagination and let you finish your day relaxed and satisfied. 

So, here comes the list of top 10 erotica short stories for when you find yourself in need for a quick, steamy read. 

Erotica Forbidden Stories for Adults: 60 Books

Top 10 Erotica Short Stories

This is a collection of 60 stories for adults that will provide you with a variety of fantasies which can bring you endless excitement. These stories include explicit content both for men and women, so you will have a lot of reading material that will keep you satisfied anytime you want. 

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The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories

Best Erotica Short Stories

This book brings together the stories of 69 authors who shared their hottest erotic stories. The book is edited by top-notch erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, so you can get yourself a climactic collection that captures top erotic scenarios that will make your imagination explode. 

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Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4

Top 10 Adult Romance Short Stories

Best Women’s Erotica of the Yearbook is edited by award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel and presents a collection of the hottest erotic stories. All the stories included in this book follow outspoken women who have enough courage to pursue love and lust. 

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Owned (Billionaire Banker Series Book 1)

Short Adult Romances

Owned is a book which perfectly merges erotic and romantic story elements. This book is about a woman called Lana Bloom, who meets a beautiful and sexy billionaire Blake Law Barrington who wants Lana all for himself. Lana is attracted to Barrington but tries to remain careful, despite the enormously strong sexual connection between Barrington and her. 

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The Arrangement: Part One

Erotica Short Stories

The arrangement is an erotic story about the young woman who goes to the Haven Fetish Ball with her friends to better up her mood after the divorce. The woman will find herself extremely attracted to the idea of being under total sexual control of the Dominant.

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erotica short stories for adults

This collection of 50 erotic stories is meant to awake your most exciting sexual fantasies and help you embrace the sexual energy within you. The stories are combined in such a way to sparkle up your imagination daily and give you something new and exciting whenever you open the book. This book, and many other free erotica ebooks, can be downloaded for free with Kindle Unlimited. 

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Pleasured Hard… 120 Book Bundle

fun erotica reads

Pleasured Hard is a hot collection of 120 erotic stories that involve all sorts of naughty fantasies which are going to make you utterly excited. The bundle is packed with fully explicit tales which provide you with various sex scenarios that will spice up your days and nights. 

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Dirty Secrets

adult short stories

Dirty Secrets is an erotic story about a woman called Jessa, who is a buttoned up librarian and does everything according to rules. Jessa’s lifestyle gets abruptly changed once she meets Royce, the sexiest man that Jessa ever saw in her life. The sexual connection between Jessa and Royce will make Jessa explore everything she considered as forbidden in her life. 

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Explicit Erotica

best erotica stories

If you want a quick read that will sparkle up your sex fantasies, then this book is the right choice for you. Explicit Erotica is a set of explicit sex stories that will provide your imagination with the hottest sex scenarios and help you spice the things up during the night. 

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1000 Sexy Shorts: Bedtime Stories for Adults

read erotica online

This is a compilation of 26 seductive sex stories that count exactly 1000 words each. You will see that 1000 words are more than enough to ignite your excitement and keep your imagination occupied for days. All the stories have female lead characters who are making their dirtiest sexual fantasies come true. 

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