Top 10 Contemporary Romance Novels

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Do you love to read? Do you love romance? Then check out this list of the top 10 contemporary romance novels.

Always There, by Tiara Inserto

4.5 stars, 18 reviews

Always There is a romance novel about Liana Murphy. She lives in New Zealand and aspires to work as a business professional. She also loves sports and meets a rugby player. The attraction between them is undeniable. But the story gets complicated when each is forced to choose between their dream jobs or pursuing a potential romance.

Between a Rock and a Hot Mess, by Phyllis Bourne

4.5 stars, 143 reviews

This book follows the life of Riley Sinclair. She’s had bad luck so far, but still dreams of meeting her true love. She’s getting desperate and jealous of all her friends that are already marries. Inspired by a tv show, Hot Mess, Riley comes up with a plan to attract the man of her dreams. But will it work?

Calling Her Bluff, by Kaia Danielle

4 stars, 37 reviews

It’s a story about a romance author named Kamaria Wilson. She’s looking for fun on a trip to Las Vegas. But she gets a little more than she expected when she starts having romantic feelings for a one-night stand lover. She tries to deny it, but fate brings them together again. Will it lead to something more?  Are they meant for one another?

Emergency Contact, by Mary H.K. Choi

4.5 stars, 194 reviews

Emergency Contact is about Penny Lee. She’s a college student with dreams of becoming a best-selling writer. Her love life is going nowhere as her boyfriend doesn’t even seem to notice her anymore. Suddenly she meets a mysterious young man named Sam. There’s an instant connection between them, but she’s just about to head off to school. Is it hopeless to pursue something with this stranger?

First Position, by Melissa Brayden

4.5 stars, 75 reviews

Anastasia Mikhelson is a beautiful young ballerina in New York City. She dedicated to realizing her dreams and doesn’t have much time for a social life. Yet she still yearns for romance. That’s when she meets Natalie Federico. She’s another young ballerina and potential rival to Anastasia. Will it lead to something more?

Glitterland, by Alexis Hall

4.5 stars, 139 reviews

Glitterland is about the golden boy of the English literary scene, Ash Winters. He suffers from clinical depression and writes pulp crime fiction. Ash’s mental illness affects every part of his everyday life. But then one day he meets a beautiful model named Darian Taylor. Will she be able to end his suffering for good?

Hate to Want You, by Alisha Rai

4.5 stars, 128 reviews

Livvy Kane and Nicholas Chandler share one perfect night together every year. This agreement works out great until doesn’t show up. Nicholas grows worried and is desperate to reunite with his partner. He discovers he has deeper feelings for Livvy and will do whatever it takes to save her.

Heat Wave, by Elyse Springer

4 stars, 26 reviews

Heat Wave is the story of Sara Walker. She enjoys her job and lives a nice life. But she doesn’t her friends much and wants to share her life with someone. Suddenly she meets an attractive young woman who just moved to town. Sara isn’t sure how she feels about the stranger, but she’s definitely attracted to her. Something is pulling them together.

Bollywood Affair, by Sonali Dev

4 stars, 257 reviews

Bollywood Affair is the love story of Mili Rathod. She hasn’t seen her husband in twenty years since she was promised to him at the age of four. The arrangement Allowed Mili to study in America and learn everything how to be a good wife.  Family gets in the way when her husbands brother finds himself attracted to Mili too. Who will she choose?

Deadly Sexy, by Beverly Jenkins

5 stars, 138 reviews

Deadly Sexy is the story about Jessi Teresa Blake who is one of the toughest sports agents around. Jessi’s gets in a car accident and ends up broken down on the California freeway. A cute truck driver offers her a lift and they hit it off immediately.