Top 10 Baby Bottles for Colic Babies

It’s generally unknown what directly causes colic among babies, but you can prevent it by purchasing specific baby bottles for colic babies. Therefore, we want to show you the list of top 10 best bottles with anti-colic valves, soft nipples, and simple latch design which all benefit your baby.

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

4 stars, 511 reviews

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

This anti-colic baby bottle features an anti-colic straw which eliminates air bubbles from the milk. Your baby will be safe from colic and gases as this anti-colic baby bottle reduces gas, spit-ups, and any discomfort while bottle feeding. Another great thing about this bottle’s design is the star-shaped valve that ensures the bottle won’t leak.

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Joovy Boob PPSU Bottle

4 stars, 153 reviews

Best bottle for colic

Joovy Boob anti-colic baby bottle prevent nipple collapse and colic symptoms. This bottle is easy to clean and sterilize as it’s enough to just put this bottle under high-temperature water repeatedly. The Joovy bottle comes with an advanced bottle-venting technology which makes this baby bottle safe for use. Also, the bottle doesn’t absorb odors or colors and it’s made to last.

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Munchkin Latch BPA-free baby bottle

3.5 stars, 599 reviews

best anti-colic bottle

This 8 ounces Muchkin Latch baby bottle features a specific anti-colic design which allows for easy cleaning. Munchkin Latch baby bottle features an anti-colic valve that eliminates the air bubbles which may cause discomfort. Also, there’s an accordion nipple included in this baby bottle design which moves with the baby to reduce the symptoms of colic.

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MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

4.5 stars, 342 reviews

baby bottle for colic

If your baby has problems with gases after feeding, then you should check MAM anti-colic bottle which comes with a specific design that regulates pressure to prevent air from flowing into the baby’s stomach. The bottle can also be self-sterilized in the microwave in no more than three minutes. MAM anti-colic bottle is designed to keep your baby safe from colic and gases so you won’t have to worry as much.

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Philips Avent Natural Newborn Baby Bottle

4.5 stars / 420 reviews

anti-colic baby bottle for fussy eaters

This natural newborn baby bottle features a soft, wide-shape nipple which encourages babies to switch between nursing and bottle feeding. In case your baby has problems with colic, the Philips Avent bottle features the anti-colic twin-valve design, that vents the air into the bottle instead of baby’s tummy. The bottle is easily cleaned by bottle brush.

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Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

4 stars, 1159 reviews

Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Playtex baby bottle comes with a specifically designed ergonomic, angled shape which helps prevent reflux and even treat ear infections. The baby bottle features a specific milk flow system that channels the air into the back of the bottle preventing, therefore, the air to go through the ilk. Also, the bottle is BPA, PVC, phthalate free and easy to clean.

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Comotomo Baby Bottle

4.5 stars, 3979 reviews

Best natural nipple for fussy babies

Comotomo baby bottle is designed for babies who are in the transition period between nursing to bottle feeding. During that period some babies encounter problems with colic which can be prevented by the baby bottles which have anti-colic features. Comotomo baby bottle prevents the colic with the dual anti-colic vents, while its wide-neck design makes cleaning a breeze.

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Brezza two-piece natural glass baby bottle

3.5 stars, 181 reviews

Glass bottle for colic babies

This baby bottle is designed to prevent colic among the babies and features a specific structure that stops the air bubbles from entering the milk. Also, the bottle is easy to clean as it has only two parts which are easy to approach while cleaning. The wide, breast-shaped nipple lets babies feed comfortably with no chances of swallowing air.

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Tinukim Baby Bottle

4 stars, 1045 reviews

Advanced bottle system for colic

Tinukim baby bottle is designed to allow parents to let the babies safely feed themselves. The bottle’s nipple features a specific design which is meant to imitate how babies naturally latch. Also, the nipple stops the air from getting in the milk, thus, preventing the baby to swallow it and encounter colic afterward.

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Liamo Home Baby Bottle

3 stars, 29 reviews

Best baby bottles

With the Liamo baby bottle, your child will be safe from gases and colic. The specific anti-colic design allows for better ingestion of the milk which helps your baby swallow milk without air bubbles. Also, this baby bottle can warm six ounces of milk to 98,6 degrees in just four minutes, thus, making nighttime and on-the-go feedings easy.

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