The Top 10 Full Body Pillows

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Feel maximum comfort with quality full body pillows

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Size Body Pillow

4.5 stars, 4061 reviews

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Size Body Pillow

This full-body pillow features a shredded design style with a memory foam that ensures the pillow to never go flat. The pillow is machine washable and is made of eco-friendly and bio green foam. Also, the shape of this pillow is designed to support the body and people who sleep on the side will find it especially comfortable.

Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow

4.5 stars, 834 reviews

Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U full-body pillow is meant to provide you with quality sleep and a firm support of your body which enhances your sleep quality. This full-body pillow helps you align your hips, neck, shoulders and back into the comfortable position that keeps your spine healthy. The pillow is hypoallergenic, odorless and keeps away the dust mites.

AngQi Total Body Support Pillow

4.5 stars, 231 reviews

If you have trouble sleeping on the side, but that is also the only position in which you can fall asleep, then this full-body pillow is designed to help you out. Made of comfortable memory foam, this full-body pillow enhances your sleep quality as it supports all the critical parts of your body during the night. The pillow is especially comfortable for pregnant women.

AllerEase 100% Cotton Allergy Protection Body Pillow

4 stars, 2235 reviews

AllerEase body pillow is meant to save you from all the factors that can cause the allergy, and  give you a comfortable sleep. The pillow is meant to provide the support for your hips, back, neck, and stomach, which means that it’s beneficial for expectant mothers. This pillow is made of 100 percent cotton which allows air to pass through the fabric.

Utopia Bedding Ultra Soft Body Pillow

4.5 stars, 596 reviews

Utopia Bedding full-body pillow comes in a convenient size of 20 by 54 inches which fits the contours of your body, providing you with quality sleep all night long. This soft body pillow features Ball Fiber filling that is designed to provide your shoulders, hips, abdomen and back with the perfect support. The pillow is made of 100 percent cotton which makes it super soft and durable.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover, C Shaped Full Body Pillow

4.5 stars, 3620 reviews

This full-body pillow is designed to give you extra comfort during the night and it’s especially comfortable for the expectant mothers. With a C shape, this body pillow will relieve you from the need to put multiple pillows on the bed to support you. The pillow is made of adjustable polyfill material that adapts to pregnant woman’s belly and back during the sleep.

QUEEN ROSE 55″ Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

4.5 stars, 2863 reviews

QUEEN ROSE full-body pillow is designed especially for pregnant women who need extra body support while sleeping. The pillow has a unique and ergonomic design that follows the body shape of the pregnant woman and provides her with much-needed support while she’s sleeping. Also, the pillow is hypoallergenic and saves you from the night allergies.

Evolive Ultra Soft Microfiber Body Pillow

4.5 stars, 562 reviews

This pillow features a classy black design and is made of 100 percent polyester microfiber. The pillow is designed to provide you with full-body support ensuring the comfortable position of your body while you sleep. Also, the pillow is machine washable on cold temperature and you can tumble dry it, but on low speed. 

HOTEL COMFORT Large Body Pillow

4.5 stars, 33 reviews

HOTEL COMFORT full-body pillow is designed to provide you with full support while you sleep and ensure your sleep quality. The pillow is hundred percent hypoallergenic which means that you will be safe from getting an allergic reaction to dust mites for example. This pillow is 58 inches long which means that you can lay on it with your whole body and enjoy healthy sleep.

Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Body Pillow with Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam

4.5 stars, 1104 reviews

This pillow is designed to be fully adjustable to any sort of body shape and provide sleeper’s body with additional support. The pillow is made without ozone depleters, lead and heavy metals, formaldehyde and other dangerous substances. Also, the pillow is hypoallergenic and made of 40 percent viscose rayon derived from bamboo, and 60 percent polyester.