The Top 10 Body Shapers for Women

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Gotoly Women’s Body Shaper

4 stars, 2107 reviews

Gotoly body shaper is made of breathable fiber that feels soft on your skin and provides you with comfort while wearing it. This body shaper product is versatile and can be easily matched with any outfit. With Gotoly body shaper emphasizes your figure showing off its hourglass silhouette under the dress.

LODAY Women’s  Body Shaper

4 stars, 770 reviews

LODAY body shaper is designed for a workout and features a neoprene fat burner that makes you lose excessive body fat. At the same time it gives you extra comfort and uprights and pushes up your breasts to make them seem larger. Double layer hi-compression design creates a sexy curve on your abdomen and waist.

SHAPERX Women’s Seamless Firm Control Shapewear

3.4 stars, 4525 reviews

SHAPERX body shaper for women comes with removable straps and features open bust design. It’s easy to open this body shaper as it features front open zipper design. Also, there is a tummy control feature that gives you smoother curves which look great when you wear a dress. This body shaper also helps you correct your posture and boosts fat burn.

Nebility Women’s Shapewear

4.5 stars, 235 reviews

This shapewear has a unique opening design that features a circle shape on the back, meant to lift up your buttock and give you the natural curve that enlarges your butts. Also, there’s a tummy control option that slims your waist and emphasizes your curves, improving the look of your silhouette. This body shaper is breathable and provides you with comfort. 

FeelinGirl Women’s Open Bust Tummy Control Shapewear

4.5 stars, 12 reviews

FeelinGIrl body shaper is made of 70 percent nylon and 30 percent spandex which all improve the garment’s elasticity and comfort. It’s easy to put this body shaper on as it features a front zipper. Also, another goal of this body shaper is to flatten your belly and improve the shape of your waist and your posture. 

Aibrou Women’s Shapewear

4 stars, 228 reviews

Made of 80 percent nylon and 20 percent elastane, this body shaper is designed to let your skin breathe and provide you with comfortable wear. Also, the body shaper features eyelet fasteners that make it easy to set the size of this body shaper. Front U style is there to lift your breasts instantly and shape your body into hourglass figure that looks great in a dress.

HaloVa Women’s Shapewear

4 stars, 341 reviews

HaloVa women’s body shaper is a recommended wear after having a baby because it shapes your figure by emphasizing your natural curves and improving your looks. Also, this body shaper helps to relieve lower back pain and provides midsection and back support that improves your posture. The body shaper is recommended to be washed using warm water below 30 degrees Celsius. 

Gotoly Quick Weight Loss, Adjustable Straps Body Shape

4 stars, 1152 reviews

Gotoly body shaper is made of 95 percent bamboo fiber and 5 percent spandex. These materials ensure softness and silkiness of the body shaper that is designed for comfortable wear. Also, the body shaper features U-type, anti-droop breast design that makes your breast seem larger. The high-quality zipper makes it easier to put this body shaper on and off. 

Eleady Women’s Body Shaper

4 stars, 3942 reviews

Eleady offers a body shaper that features a fat burner design that makes you sweat a lot and lose weight. The body shaper is recommended to be worn during workouts because it reaches its full potential when your body exercises. Also, the body shaper features U-type, anti-droop design which makes your breast look larger.

Nebility Women’s Latex Shapewear

4.5 stars, 91 reviews

The waist trainer of this shapewear is made of 100 percent latex which is meant to accelerate weight loss. Also, this body shaper features top grade cotton/spandex blend fabrics, designed to provide you with comfort and make your skin breathe. For easy closure, this shapewear is equipped with a 3 hook and eye designed closure.