The Top 10 Best Bottle Scrubbers

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Silicone Bottle Brush

4.5 stars, 107 reviews

Kitchiny offers a silicone bottle brush that is good for cleaning hard-to-reach places in the bottle as it has a long reach handle and soft, but durable silicone bristles. This bottle brush is also antibacterial and it repels unpleasant odors, stains, mold and mildew. A silicone bottle brush is far more efficient than a sponge because it successfully prevents germ build-up.

ALINK Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

4.5 stars, 45 reviews

ALINK created a bottle brush set that includes 5 different bottle brushes for complete hygiene of all the bottle types. In this bottle brush set, you will find one 17 inches long cleaning brush with 2.5-inches wide bristles that can easily reach the bottom of the bottle and clean it to detail. The set also includes 16-inches bottle brush, 10-inches tube brush, and 15.3 inches reusable straw brush.

15 Piece Food Grade Multipurpose Cleaning Brush Set

4.5 stars, 81 reviews

This large bottle brush set comes with different type of brushes that are useful for cleaning various types of bottles, tubes, and reusable straws. All the brushes in this set have one goal and that is enabling you to reach all the parts of the bottle and clean them. The brushes will help you clean any mess without damaging the bottle and with no germs building up afterward.

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush

4.5 stars, 5034 reviews

OXO bottle brush features a long and durable neck that helps you easily reach inside the bottles and clean them thoroughly with no germs and bacteria left behind. Stiff blue bristles are designed to seriously scrub the surface of the bottle without damaging the bottle and leaving scratches. Also, the handle is non-slip which means that it will provide you with a comfortable grip.

Sponge Bottle Brush

4 stars, 342 reviews

Muchkin bottle brush features a unique design which includes a sponge on the top of the brush which enables you to give a good scrub to all the most hard-to-reach surfaces in the bottle and clean the leftover stains with the sponge. Also, this bottle brush comes in set with a soft rubber nipple brush designed to gently clean small parts on the bottle. 

OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set

5 stars, 3044 reviews

OXO bottle brush set includes one long bottle brush, a straw brush, and a detail cleaner. With the long bottle brush, you can easily access the inside of the bottle and clean hard-to-reach parts efficiently. The detail cleaner is designed to be useful if you need to clean some smaller surfaces in the bottle which are within the reach.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush, Blue

4 stars, 2946 reviews

Dr. Brown’s bottle brush comes with a sponge on the top and is meant to be useful for successful bottle surface cleaning. The bottle comes with soft, quality bristles which are designed to give a thorough scrub to the inside surfaces of the bottle and leave no damage while doing that. The sponge is there to give good cleaning at the same time while the brush is scrubbing dirty parts.

OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner

4.5 stars, 331 reviews

OXO bottle brush comes with two types of bristles for scrubbing and gentle cleaning. Also, the brush has a flexible neck that helps you reach every part of the bottle surface with ease. This bottle brush comes in set with a silicone nipple cleaner that is designed to reach tight spaces and successfully clean the bottle nipples. 

NUK 62012 Triple Action Bottle & Nipple Brush

4 stars, 285 reviews

Nuk offers a bottle brush that features a combination of 3 cleaning tools: bristles, sponge, and scrubber for a thorough cleaning. The sponge is antibacterial and keeps the bottles odor-resistant, while the scrubber removes dried up stains. On the top of the brush, there are angle bristles which are meant to easily reach every corner of the bottle.

OXO SteeL Bottle Brush

4 stars, 569 reviews

OXO created a bottle brush model that features a long and durable neck which helps you easily reach inside bottle surfaces. A serious scrub is guaranteed with stiff blue bristles, while the white bristles are designed for a gentle clean that saves the bottle surface from scratches. Soft, non-slip handle enables you to have a firm and comfortable grip.